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Thanksgiving Dinner and Maggie - Ramblings, rants and idle thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Don Miller, Jr. aka LionkingCMSL

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Thanksgiving Dinner and Maggie [Nov. 24th, 2016|06:55 pm]
Don Miller, Jr. aka LionkingCMSL
[mood |thankfulthankful]

Thanksgiving dinner for one
by LionkingCMSL on DeviantArt

My Thanksgiving dinner which consisted of a .75lb turkey breast, whole kernel corn, green beans, cranberry sauce, a mug of Pepsi and some champagne.

I do not have fancy candlesticks so a beer bottle fills in.

And here is Maggie today:

by LionkingCMSL on DeviantArt

Maggie will be 21 in February.

Not bad look for a cat her age. She still has all her teeth, good eyesight, great hearing, and her fur is still soft. She does suffer from a bit arthritis though.