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Don Miller, Jr. aka LionkingCMSL

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Beginning of the year update [Jan. 20th, 2017|02:20 pm]
Don Miller, Jr. aka LionkingCMSL
[mood |worriedworried]

Well, 2017 has not started off great guns. :=/

I have a few irons in the fire, but no firm offers.

I talked to the head of Communications at Amtrak,and he told me that I have basically no chance of getting back into radio, but he does not think I've been "black balled" at Amtrak.

I talked to the owner of the CMSL and he is getting things set up for me to take my physical and drug test next week.

I also have an application in at Domino's Pizza as a driver, but no word on whether they have filled that position.

Here is a problem though: my insurance bill is due on Monday and I need ~$200 to pay it. I know I've worn out my welcome by "begging" for money, with a lot of folks, but now I have a car, and I need to keep it on the road.

If you feel like helping use PayPal and lionking (at) snip.net.

If you do help out I promise I'll do my best to pay everyone back, though it may take some time.

Thank you all for your support.

From: skipai
2017-02-01 10:49 am (UTC)
I would help if I could but I got some other problems myself.

1. Being unable to contact my mother for some reason. Phone is never on...

2. Fighting the government to reinstate my disability payments that they decided to stop back in June. (Thankfully my savings has sustained the losses up to now)

Waiting to hear back from that department in the government as they refused 1st stage and now I'm waiting for various things to go forwards so I can to court and face a tribunal to fight my case.

So I am sorry if it may seem that I do not care, I have gone a bit distant with a lot of people during this time. What progress I've made not being depressed has basically got wiped out in 2016 and yeah can understand that this whole financial thing can be really stressful so from one to another I hope you can get things sorted out.

Once again I'm really sorry I can't send anything this time around.
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